Dalton Drive Permit Parking

You can apply for a parking permit as a resident of Dalton Square. Learn more about this program by downloading this pdf.

Extra Parking at Dalton Square

There are extra parking spaces available. Please contact Fireside if you would like to rent one. Current rent is $25 per month.

Selling Your Unit

When selling your home please remember that you cannot place realtors or advertising signs on your Unit, its windows or on the common property. You will need to provide your realtor with various documents. These can be obtained at www.firesidepropertygroup.com.

Please note that if you owe any fees, charges or fines this will be noted in the disclosure letter. If they remain outstanding we cannot supply a clean Estoppel at closing.

Deck and Shed Paint Colours

Paint suppliers regularly update their colours. A new list of suppliers and approved paints will be posted for the Spring.

Laminate Flooring

To avoid disturbing your neighbours the Board has always specified the materials to be used. To reflect the materials currently available the specification is 73IIC rated underlay and a minimum 10mm thickness for the laminate material.

Dalton Reminders

1. Yard Maintenance

  • Your yard is common area which is exclusively designated for your use. Yards must be kept clean and tidy, weed free and clutter free. Owners must receive written approval from the Board for sheds. Owners that are not keeping their exclusive use yard tidy, weed free and uncluttered are subject to a fine of $300.00 per occurrence. If the violation is not corrected in a specific period of time (written notice will be provided), then the corporation will have the yard cleaned up, at the owner's expense.

2. Deck/Shed Maintenance

  • Owners required to obtain written approval from the Board to build new. There are specific colors that are allowed for painting of decks and certain allowable size for sheds. Send request to Dalton.

3. Barbeque

  • Yes, a barbeque with a propane bottle, maximum size of 20 lbs is allowed. Outside fire pits and barbeques using solid fuel such as briquettes or wood are not allowed. Smokers are not allowed.

4. Clean Up

  • Everyone is responsible for keeping your yard area clean, weed free, neat and uncluttered.
  • Everyone is responsible for keeping your assigned and any rental parking stalls free of stored items or garbage and oil stains.

5. Common Areas, including the kids play area:

  • Please ensure you leave the premises in a clean and orderly fashion; pick up any garbage or toys. Please ensure the walk ways are free from any toy items. Please note the kids play area is only for residents and their guests. Climbing trees is prohibited.

6. Noise

  • Excessive noise is not tolerated. Please be considerate of others.
  • Renovation/repair work time frame is: 8:30am to 6:00pm.

Your Board of Directors

Rick Coutts - President

Anton Belokon Vice President

Hugo VillamilSecretary

Vinay DeyTreasurer

Emalia StrelnikovaMember

Suzanne Hetherington - Member

Sam SajedyMember

Get Involved!

At the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors is elected. Please consider standing as a Director.

The main benefit to being a member of the Board is that you get to take an active role in how your community is managed; maintenance, financial, among other decisions. When improvements are needed, you will be able to vote in ways you think will enhance the appearance of your condo, as well as the lifestyle that it offers.

The Commitments and Duties

  • Attend meetings. All condo boards have regular meetings, which are attended by board members, the management company and on an annual basis, residents.
  • Enforcement of rules. The community must ensure residents are following the rules, including obeying noise ordinances, taking care of the common areas in accordance with the community regulations, and payment of fees.
  • Revising and updating rules. If an issue arises surrounding a particular rule, it is up to the Board to vote on it and determine a viable alternative.
  • Manage finances. A key function of the Board is to make sure that Fireside Property Group is allocating Dalton Square's money in accordance with the budget.

Rules & Regulations

New Furnaces

If you install a new furnace you must have Board permission to run the venting. Generally, the Board will require that the furnace vents to the yard area. No venting will be allowed that goes to the main entrance area of the Unit.


All pets must be approved by the Board. Fireside will forward an application to you and arrange for it to be presented to the Board. For your pet to be approved it must be licensed by the City and controlled. Allowing an animal to roam free contravenes City Bylaws and the Condominium Bylaws.

What is a Caveat?

A caveat is a warning that is placed on the title of a property. When the Board places a caveat it is usually because money is owed to the Condominium.

The practical effect of this is that you cannot transfer title, usually on a sale, until the caveat is removed. The Board is reluctant to place caveats and will only do so if an owner does not settle fees or fines within a reasonable timeframe, usually 90 days. This is an expensive process for the owner. A caveat costs around $750 to place and as much to release. This cost is also paid by the Owner.

An example: you do not pay a $100 fine. A caveat is placed so now you owe the fine $100 and the legal fee $750, a total of $850. Interest at 1.5% per month is also added.

Building Exterior Envelope

The exterior of all the buildings at Dalton Square are the property of the Condo Corporation and not individual Unit Owners. Because of this, all Owners and Residents should be aware of the following:

  1. The integrity of the building envelope must never be breeched with such things as nails or anything that pierces the siding. Wall hangings and other decorations cannot be installed on the exterior of any of the buildings without the approval of the Board of Directors.
  2. Various components of the building exterior Light Fixtures, Unit Numbers, and Mailboxes must not be altered unless approval is obtained from the Board of Directors.
  3. When cleaning windows please do not use water hoses that have any nozzles which increase the outflow of water pressure. Added pressure can damage the waterproof seal and void the warrantee of the window unit.

Visitor Parking

The Board has received a number of complaints about the misuse of the visitor parking area. The new regulations state:

Visitors’ parking is located west of the site office, unit 116. This parking is for visitors only; residents are not to use assigned visitor parking stalls. No vehicle is to be left in a visitor space for longer than two weeks without written consent of the Board. If it is determined that visitor parking is being abused by owners or visitors violating vehicles will be ticketed and towed.

Fireside Property Group maintains a list of owners’ and tenants’ vehicles that are regularly using the visitor parking. Notices are placed on those vehicles so we are sure that everyone is aware of the new rules. We then have offenders fined and towed.